Why fit a composite door, rather than ali, PVC or wood?

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Wood Grain Effect Composite Door Installation

Why do more and more UK homeowners plump for a composite door over a replacement timber, UPVC Door or even an aluminium front door?

Whilst real timber looks great, it is rather expensive and can warp and twist over time, plus it needs maintaining to keep the natural beauty of the wood looking at its best. UPVC double glazed doors are generally inexpensive and wipe clean, and normally more draft proof and thermally efficient than timber doors. Whilst standard UPVC doors do a job, are not necessarily the strongest material to keep out any would be intruders. Decent quality double glazed residential aluminium front doors are inherently much stronger, more durable and more secure than most UPVC doors, and offer a decent return on investment. Whoever Aluminium front doors are normally more of a commercial preference these days due to them being more durable than Upvc Doors.

Like residential UPVC doors, aluminium doors are easy to maintain and make good entrance doors, be they front, back, kitchen or French doors. Three major advantages of aluminium doors over standard UPVC doors are that they are made of a stronger material, they won’t fade in direct sunlight and they are available in any RAL colour so they can match in with the colour scheme of any property.


ral colours

Traditionally, UPVC doors tend to be the least expensive, then composite doors, Aluminium Doors next with solid timber doors being the most expensive. Choosing any main entrance door for a home is not just about price, but also about personal preference. If you select a high quality front door with a stylish design for a property in a top finish, it is like a designer label for your home.

Whatever your preference, the realistic woodgrain effect texture of a composite door makes it look like a stylish traditional timber door with ultimate kerb appeal. Composite doors are low maintenance, robust and weather resistant – do not rot, warp or crack, nor will it ever need painting. Composite doors tend to hide minor scratches and are easy to clean.


colours of doors


Whichever material you choose for the door(s) for your property, ensure the product is “Secured by Design.” Established in 1989, Secured by Design (SBD) is owned by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and is the corporate title for a group of national police projects focusing on the design and security for new and refurbished homes and commercial premises as well as the acknowledgement of quality security products.

When buying any door for a property, through which any person(s) could gain entry, it is worth checking it has been “Secured by Design” approved. According to the Secured by Design website “Door assemblies must pass BS:PAS 23 General Performance Requirements (excluding annexes) and BS:PAS 24 Enhanced Security Requirements. Doors must also pass the end bolt test, which simulates an attack on the bolt.”

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Check before you buy that the door you want comes with a substantial product and installation guarantee, and do your research to ensure that whichever supplier and/or installer you select will be around for at least the next decade in case of any issues that arise after installation. Ten year guarantees are industry standard, so ensure you get yours in writing!

Most composite doors perform to the highest standards, irrespective of the weather and thermal efficiency is paramount as it substantially reduces your fuel bills and carbon footprint.

Many high quality composite doors are available with a different exterior to interior finish, many with matching or complementary frames. The better composite doors tend to be ‘made to order’ and not ‘cut to size’ and come in a range of colour and wood grain effect finishes. Some manufacturers even offer matching French Composite Doors for that real touch of class.

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By choosing a high quality composite door for a property over cheaper options, property owners are not only stamping their individuality and personality on their property, but also making a statement that they value quality, durability and good value for money.

If only the best is good enough, then consider a  with its design, build quality, unrivalled security and attention to detail blend together to produce a truly high quality, strong, weather tight, secure and virtually maintenance free product.

The realistic woodgrain-effect texture of a high quality composite door makes it look like a traditional wooden door, but with none of the drawbacks commonly seen with timber. A composite is not just about aesthetics and luxury; it’s about performance, security and style and ultimately enhancing the value of your home.


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