Are You Rock Safe This Winter?

07 Oct 2014

According to statistics, break-ins and house burglaries rise significantly during winter months – approximately by as much as 15% when UK Crime Stats compared burglaries in June to burglaries in December.

Rockdoor knows that anyone wanting to mitigate the risk of being burgled would majorly benefit from investing in one of our Ultimate Series Rockdoors – as they provide the highest level of security and strength to eliminate any chances of break-ins and burglaries happening.


Are You Safe This Winter





With a Carbon Fibre Reinforced Inner Frame, High Impact Door Skins and a Secure Multipoint Locking System, Rockdoors provide a strong, safe and durable upgrade in comparison to your average GRP Composite Door or PVC Door.

Rockdoors are fully tried and tested by all means of force and impact proving virtually unbeatable and unbreakable (even the Fire Service & Police Force can’t break through a Rockdoor!). We recommend that you take a look at the full range of styles in our Ultimate Series that we manufacture.

Features & Benefits of a Rockdoor Ultimate

  • Security Rating is 1 as Standard
  • 50mm Thick Door Sash
  • 3mm High Impact Door Skins
  • Full Range of Door Styles & Glass Designs
  • Carbon Fibre Reinforced Innerframe
  • Soft Coat Low-Emissivity Backing Glass
  • Argon Filled Double Glazed Unit
  • Warm Edge Spacerbar
  • Secure Multipoint Locking System
  • 6 Pin Secured by Design Cylinder
  • German Engineered 3D Adjustable Hinges
  • Stylish High Quality Furniture
  • CE Marked as Standard

Longer hours of darkness in winter time allows a longer time period in a 24 hour day for burglars to act – if you compare approximations, it’s only dark for roughly 6-8 hours during summer, but in winter it’s closer to 12-14 hours, and it’s worth noting that most people keep their windows shut in winter, meaning you may not even hear someone burgling your property.

It is crucial to also not forget that having a secure back door is just as important as having a secure front door, if not even more so. Burglars see it as one of the easiest ways to break in to a building – so why not have a look at the selection of composite Back Doors we sell too?

Install a Rockdoor Ultimate onto your property now for a peaceful, worry-free and safe winter.

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